Blog: Retarget your visitors who click on your shared links that you don’t own

Category: Links Updation

Change your destination page link in shortened URL anytime

What is link changing?

Link changing or swapping is a technique to update short links destination links. Link changing is equal to updating links as per business requirements.

Every digital marketers or professional would have faced situation where destination page goes down somehow and they want to change destination page link and also retain their short link. Marketers know that it will cost a lot to reshare a new short link as they have already invested a lot of effort in digital, paid and social media to propagate their short link. Let’s say was shared on print, digital and ads medium for basic webinar registration and all of a sudden they found that by mistake a wrong destination webinar link was setup and now they want to edit destination page.

This is small thing which most of URL shorteners service like etc., do not offer out of box. At dglnk, all your links are your own and you get to change their destination page at any point of time as you control links entirely.

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